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RWG in the media

Chris was recently interviewed about his senior project on RWG. Here's the full video.

Open Mobile Consortium Barcamp

On October 24, 2009, we participated in the First Open Mobile Camp,the first barcamp of the Open Mobile Consortium in New York City. It was organized by the Open Mobile Consortium and the Humanitarian FOSS Project. We got to meet a lot of people there, share ideas on how to work together on making mobile platform more open and more importantly, more useful. Hey, we even got to give an interview! Check it out.


We got to meet a lot of people there. Meeting great people like Nathan Freitas of the Guardian Project was very interesting. An interesting project that hit home was the EpiCollect project from the Spatial Edimology lab at Imperial College, London. They have cool Android and iPhone applications that researchers can use to collect data of infectious disease and produce them on a map.

If you watched the video, you probably figured that we focused quite a bit on the Ad-hoc capabilities of POSIT. We had a fun time discussing what kind of situations can this solution be used and got some great insights from people like Robert Kirkpatrick who have actually worked on real disaster scenarios. We are looking forward to more conference (oops, unconferences :p) of this kind in the future. Here are some pictures from the event.


POSIT 0.5 Alpha released

Today marks the start of a few things for POSIT along with the start of actually assigning version numbers to POSIT.

  • Movement to a new repository that reflects the long term goals of POSIT better
    • The code repository has now been moved from to
    • This move isn't supposed to diminish our involvement with Android. In fact, we don't even have any other platforms yet. However, we don't want to potentially infringe on Google's trademark/copyright by tagging -android to our project name. We felt doing it early enough in project's life would make things easier. So, posit-mobile it is.
  • Release of 0.5
    • The number 0.5 was chosen to reflect the maturity of the project and somewhat the age/iterations
    • To provide a specific milestone/set of features to work/discuss on than revision numbers/branches that we'd been using

Have a look at the release notes and the official download You can use the barcode to download on your Android phone

I duly acknowledge everyone who worked over summer to make this release possible.

HFOSS Summer Institute Presentations

A week ago from today, the 2009 HFOSS Summer Institute wrapped itself up with presentations from six different groups. Presentations were made by the following groups:

  • GNOME A11y - Rachel Foecking (Trinity), Ryan Gee (Wesleyan), and Foster Nichols (Wesleyan)
  • INSTEDD - Nicolae Dragu (Trinity) and Fouad El Khoury (U. Hartford)
  • OpenMRS - Sam De Fabbia-Kane (Wesleyan)
  • POSIT at Trinity - Antonio Alcorn (UCONN), Gong Chen (Trinity), Chris Fei (Trinity), and Qianqian Lin (Wesleyan)
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