Our primary goal is to build a free and open source (FOSS) application to support search missions using mobile information and communication technology (ICT).

The Goal

Create a portable, open source communication tool to aid rescue workers, field scientists, and others.

The Challenge

Imagine you are a rescue worker searching for victims and survivors in the aftermath of a hurricane. Or a botanist mapping a geographical area for an invasive species. Or an environmental scientist searching for hazardous waste deposits.

What's needed is a portable tool capable of recording information about Finds and transmitting it to a central server or control center. Using emerging smart phone technology such a tool is now feasible. Building it on the free and open source Android platform makes it widely and freely available to rescue workers, environmental scientists, and other field workers.

The POSIT Project

POSIT (Portable Open Search and Identification Tool) is a development project of the The Humanitarian FOSS Project, an NSF-funded effort to get undergraduates engaged in building free and open source software that benefits humanity. It began during Spring 2008 as an undergraduate research internship with Prasanna Gautam (Trinity, '11), using the Google Android platform with emulator software.  A first prototype was designed and built during the 2008 Summer HFOSS Institute. Work on actual Android phones begain in Spring 2009 thanks to a  generous contribution of some G1 developer phones from Google's  Leslie Hawthorn.  Prototypes were demoed at the May 2009 ISCRAM Conference in Gothenborg, Sweden and the May 2010 ISCRAM Conference in Seattle, WA.   During the 2010 HFOSS Summer Institute at Trinity College POSIT version 0.6 was released on the Android Market


Founders Prasanna Gautam, Trinity '11 Trishan de Lanerolle Ralph Morelli
Summer 09

Antonio Alcorn, UConn '11

Gong Chen, Trinity '12

Chris Fei, Trinity '10

Phil Fritszche, Conn College '11

James Jackson, Conn College '11

Qianqian Lin, Wesleyan '11

Khanh Pham, Conn College '11

Summer 10

Prasanna Gautam, Trinity '11

Rachel Foecking, Trinity '11

Ben Hartung, Trinity '12

Greg Vaughn, Trinity '12

Scotty Eckenthal, Trinity '12

Contact Us

We have a Google group at http://groups.google.com/group/posit-group.  You can join us in IRC on irc.freenode.net in #posit.